Do you ever feel caught up in the crazy of the holidays? You love them (mostly) but when you look back on them you always wish you would have done them different. Most of all you hate that you've missed Christ when you are "supposed to" be most focused on Him.

No more guilt or regrets or shame. It' s not how He, your very Good Father, would want it. This year can be different.  

Will you let us help you in this journey of following Him by setting apart our holidays for Him? We promise to give you Biblically based studies to help your holidays become highly valued and important as you center them on Jesus. Along with lots of fun, support and community as we connect together online as we go through the studies together and also all year long! 

Our heart is to gather you around His Word, encourage you in His Truth, remind you that you are His and He is able, and challenge you to walk along the path He has called you. We believe that path is sacred, "set apart for the service and worship of Jesus Christ." 

You got this, because you are His. No more regrets or "I'll try better next year." No more overwhelm. Well, that's a lie. Overwhelm can be expected, but it doesn't have to distract us or limit us this year! 


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