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We absolutely love to tell our tribe, customers, and followers about other businesses and products that are relevant to our target audience (Christian women, ages 25 - 55). Products do not need to be holidays specific, as we walk with our people through the holidays and all the days in between. Although, if you have a holiday specific product, our people know to check with us first on all things holiday related. 

We do not guarantee that we will do a public review of your product. We will only share about products that we would genuinely recommend to our customers, tribe and followers. We do not take any paid sponsorships for product reviews. Please include with the item(s) shipped information about your business/product(s), social media handles, website, etc. Also, if you have a giveaway you'd like to do with the review or a custom promo code, be sure to indicate that along with the package.

Mail products for review to:

Sacred Holidays

 P.O. Box 131476

Spring, Texas 77393