It's like water bringing life to my dry bones. By years end, I find myself parched. Physically and spiritually. Getting filled up through advent, so I have stores of energy and spiritual food to walk forward in faith in the next year. Praising God for the work He has called you to- it is making a difference in the lives and hearts of many. The simple reminders of who He is gives me permission to breathe deeply, reflect and hope for the future. -SHARON


I hate that we speed through the holidays, almost praising busyness... like it's a good thing. Thank you Sacred Holidays for this beautiful study! Thank you for following the call to put this together-- I've cried almost every day (in a good and convicted sort of a way).   -KIMBERLY


Thank you for this study!! We are only through the first day obviously, but already accomplishing more than I had hoped. We are coming off a few really hard years. Starting new habits can be really hard. Desiring to meet like this, but not always knowing how to do it has left us doing nothing. Last night my husband led with confidence. He needed some spiritual confidence and I think this is doing that for him.  We have little(ish) kids, but everyone engaged in the study at their level. Im grateful and excited to see what comes out of meeting daily like this.  Thank you thank you for the work you put into this advent study. Its making a difference in our home and we are grateful!!   -THERESA


Wow! I'm calling it an advent miracle. Already so much more peace flowing in our home. My oldest, who is normally fast to find drama and attitudes in the morning came down with a smile on her face, motivation for the day and a helpful spirit. I told her jokingly, after commenting on what a change I saw in her, "Wow there is hope." :) I am so thankful to be doing this study and expectant for the things God is going to do in our family!   -LINDSAY


"I am so excited to start this study! Last year's rocked my world with Jesus. It forces me to really slow down during the holidays and breath in Holy Spirit health."    -KIM


I purchased the Sacred Holidays Advent study for women as well as the one for families and both were life changing! We have three foster kids that are just learning about Jesus and deepening their faith. Doing the study with our family every night during Christmas made it my favorite Christmas ever. The kids asked questions, were excited about looking up Scripture and doing the activities that the study suggested. It was very well written for adults and children to understand and enjoy. It brought us into deep discussions about why we celebrate Christmas. It truly helped each person in the house to focus on Jesus instead of Christmas gifts. I will spend EVERY Christmas going forward with Sacred Holidays!   -KELLI


It has been such a blessing in this crazy busy time of year! My kiddos are loving the family study and The Lord is being so sweet to speak to all of our hearts and giving us a deeper glimpse into who He truly is! It's powerful!   -LISA


These studies are such a gifts! I look forward to diving into the words daily-- its not just another check mark on my to do list. I am being stretched in my understanding of who God is. The words feel like they were written just for me for this exact moment. Thank you for another fantastic study!   -SUE


The 2016 Advent study, "He Is..." fell in my lap at a time when I needed the Lord to work in me the most. Learning the attributes of God helped me know how to better communicate and live in his word, and also, it helped me find beauty in every day I'm given on this Earth.   -DANIELLE


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