Becky’s greatest aim in life is that her life would make a significant impact on her world for the name of Christ. She hopes women would find confidence in following Jesus, studying His Word and living out what He has said. 

She often speaks at women's events and prisons-- encouraging both groups of women to love God and others. She is the Founder and CEO of Sacred Holidays, a ministry dedicated to connect the heart of women to the heart of God during peak seasons of women's lives (the holidays they celebrate). She is a certified Myers-Briggs Personal and Executive Coach with Orbiting Normal, helping women and businesses achieve their goals quicker. She is addicted to ice tea and nail polish, loves Texas summers, and usually is reading 3 books at the same time (although it's a lot of picture books these days).

She lives in the Woodlands, Texas with her husband, Chris, and their three daughters: Karis, Moriah, and Chandler. They are a part of Church Project and aim to live out Jesus' instruction to love God and others.

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I am a an occasional writer, book collector, lover of social media and a full time college football fan (ROLL TIDE!). In addition, I serve at the Director of Girls Ministry for Sagemont Church in Houston, TX. I love getting to share my heart with my students at Sagemont but am excited for opportunities to share God’s transformational love with everyone. I am also a graduate of the University of Mobile, Go Rams! A native of Alabama, I am still figuring out the quirks and perks of being a Texas resident. When not loving on my students I enjoy watching sporting events, binging shows on Netflix, reading, dabbling in graphic design, and opening my home up for parties and friends!



Chris’ passion is seeing people embrace their true identity in Christ and live from that truth in every situation. He believes men are called to lead, to initiate and to serve those around them faithfully and with humility.

Deep down he enjoys being a husband and a Dad, efficiency, details, the endless possibilities and beauty in words, honesty, purposeful work, alone time and working with people to discover what makes them go. The ability to learn is something he’s endlessly fascinated by and taking the "t" out of can't is a regular conversation in the Kiser home.

He lives in The Woodlands, Texas with his wife, Becky, and their three daughters: Karis, Moriah, and Chandler. They are a part of Church Project and aim to live out Jesus' instruction to love God and others.



I am a writer, a Tex-Mex lover, a pun fanatic, and an Essie nail polish junky from Houston, Texas. I serve on the Student Ministry staff at Houston's First Baptist Church, which I've called my church home for the past eight years. In my (rare) spare time, I blog, dream up fiction novels (I'm working on actually writing them down), and doodle ideas on whatever is handy.



I am a writer and illustrator who desires follow Jesus' example as a storyteller. I believe words and pictures can help children (young and old) understand God's heart. I share a passion to equip the next generation of the church with my best friend/husband, Patrick Simpson, who is a children's minister at the Cypress campus of Houston's First Baptist Church. When I am not drawing or writing or hanging out with kids, I enjoy finding treasures at Goodwill, listening to podcasts while I clean house, and drinking bubble tea. 


Megan Dobbs | Event boss

I am a Houston girl who finds a lot of joy in ordering her new planner each year. I simply love to plan.  I think that the best stocking stuffers are flare pens and sticky notes. I love all things Christmas morning. I love my family, and they love me well. I love people, they give me energy.  I love laughter.  I have determined that I simply never want to go through a day where I have not deeply laughed at myself or with others. Queso is my favorite food group…melted cheese, brilliant. I have a fairly healthy relationship with coffee in that I feel it is more of a friend than just a drink. I love the Aggies, Houston's First Baptist Church, dancing, decorating, and doodling. There is quite a bit of love in my heart, but no love compares to how much I LOVE Jesus.  He has given me a humble and compassionate heart for his people. I am engrossed by their stories and intrigued by their different intricate details HE has woven inside of each of them. I impress daily on my own heart that I am to love the Lord my God with everything I have, and then I am to give that love willingly and freely to my neighbor. What a joy it is to serve a mighty, loving, powerful, humorous, giving, faithful God and to have the opportunity to gather his people.  

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Megan was born and raised in Florida, and now lives in beautiful Southern Oregon with her husband, Elliot, and their sweet chocolate chip (lab) Dixie. In 2012, she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing and Advertising Management. Since then, Megan has accrued marketing and design experience from Singapore to Texas, and worked with amazing clients from Florida to Oregon. Combined, these experiences provided unique exposure and served as a catalyst for her passionate interest in design and creative strategy. She believes that these integral aspects of marketing are manifested at the intersection of effective design and strategic communications, and that is where she discovered her niche. Megan is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Mass Communication (MAMC) degree at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, specializing in Web Design and Online Communications. As the designer + creative strategist (+ coffee enthusiast) behind Megan Nicole Media, a boutique design business serving creatives + business owners, she offers a unique perspective by effectively combining her knowledge of marketing, advertising, and design.



Tia Plum |word master (editor)

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I’ve found my greatest joy in loving Jesus, doing what He asks and leading others to do the same. I have a passion for reading and finding ways to improve illiteracy + bible illiteracy everywhere. A few of my favorite things: words in books, the sound of Bible pages being turned, Piper & Leaf iced tea in a Mason jar, and lemon everything. I’ve been married to my lifetime love and biggest encourager, David, for 26 years. We treasure being mom & dad to our grown-up girls, Mackenzie & Madisen. The Woodlands, TX is home and we’re “plum crazy” about Church Project where we gather to worship, serve and live in community.  

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