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Becky’s greatest aim in life is that her life would make a significant impact on her world for the name of Christ. She hopes women would find confidence in following Jesus, studying His Word and living out what He has said. 

Becky's first book, Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos, More Jesus, will be released in October 2018 with B&H Publishing, a imprint of Lifeway. She often speaks at women's events and prisons-- encouraging both groups of women to love God and others. She is the Founder and CEO of Sacred Holidays, a ministry dedicated to connect the heart of women to the heart of God during peak seasons of women's lives (the holidays they celebrate). She is a certified Myers-Briggs Personal and Executive Coach. She is addicted to ice tea and nail polish, loves Texas summers, and usually is reading 3 books at the same time (although it's a lot of picture books these days).

She lives in the Woodlands, Texas with her husband, Chris, and their three daughters: Karis, Moriah, and Chandler. They aim to live out Jesus' instruction to love God and others.

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The BOok: Sacred Holidays


Kelly Bosch | Director of operations and community

Kelly wholeheartedly believes we are better together.  In her mind, life is bolder and brighter when done with others.  She is passionate about creating connections through shared experiences and authentic hospitality.  Jesus modeled it, and Kelly thinks we should live it out.  She gathers people together – whether around a decorated table, over pizza and paper plates, or in a social media group – because she believes every single person deserves to have a seat at the table.  We all have a story to tell and she wants to know yours. While around her table, you can expect to hear about her love of story and her fondness for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  She is a lady geek, sports fanatic, adventure seeker, and expert gift giver.  Her affection runs deep for smoked brisket, potatoes of any kind, cupcakes, and all things coconut. Kelly lives in the State of Hockey (also known as Minnesota) with her hard-working husband, Jeff, and energetic sons, Xander & Gavin. 



Cheryl Butler, MA, LPC |co-director of all things kids


Cheryl Butler, MA, LPC is the founder of True North, TW, a counseling and consulting practice in The Woodlands, Texas. She is passionate about helping people find JOY again in any circumstance, and heal from previous hurts, no matter how big or small. She works with individuals, couples, and offers parenting/co-parenting consultation and coaching. When Cheryl is not at the office,  she’s probably outside catching roly-polies with her boys (she LOVES being a boy mom) or inside the kitchen baking cookies (a Monday tradition in their home). She is a Yankee by birth (Go Penn State!), but a Southerner at heart, and loves ALL THINGS HOLIDAYS, which is evident by her ever-changing mantle decor. Cheryl and her husband Chris live in a suburb north of Houston with their three boys.

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CHRIS KISER | all things men

Chris’ passion is seeing people embrace their true identity in Christ and live from that truth in every situation. He believes men are called to lead, to initiate and to serve those around them faithfully and with humility.

Deep down he enjoys being a husband and a Dad, efficiency, details, the endless possibilities and beauty in words, honesty, purposeful work, alone time and working with people to discover what makes them go. The ability to learn is something he’s endlessly fascinated by and taking the "t" out of can't is a regular conversation in the Kiser home.

He lives in The Woodlands, Texas with his wife, Becky, and their three daughters: Karis, Moriah, and Chandler. They are a part of Church Project and aim to live out Jesus' instruction to love God and others.



molly PARKER | editor

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Molly Parker cherishes her role as contributor and editor for both Sacred Holidays and Anchored Press. In addition, she's a contributor for, where she weaves God's truth into everyday experiences. She’s a toy designer’s wife and mother of two teens and a young adult. Having lived in various cities and states, Molly has a heart for folks who miss “home.” When she’s not french-braiding hair or scolding her basset hound, she’s either eating cake, baking a cake, or thinking about cake, which is surprising considering she’s worked in the fitness industry 25 years.



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Megan was born and raised in Florida, and now lives in beautiful Southern Oregon with her husband, Elliot, and their sweet chocolate chip (lab) Dixie. In 2012, she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing and Advertising Management. Since then, Megan has accrued marketing and design experience from Singapore to Texas, and worked with amazing clients from Florida to Oregon. Combined, these experiences provided unique exposure and served as a catalyst for her passionate interest in design and creative strategy. She believes that these integral aspects of marketing are manifested at the intersection of effective design and strategic communications, and that is where she discovered her niche. Megan is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Mass Communication (MAMC) degree at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, specializing in Web Design and Online Communications. As the designer + creative strategist (+ coffee enthusiast) behind Megan Nicole Media, a boutique design business serving creatives + business owners, she offers a unique perspective by effectively combining her knowledge of marketing, advertising, and design.



Kellye Skaer | Co-director of all things kids


Kellye Skaer is a Lactation Counselor and founder of Milk&Mom. She spends her work days counseling moms through the ups and downs of breastfeeding and loving on new fresh babies—swoon! She joins Kim Feuquay, DDS at Alden Bridge Pediatric Dentistry in The Woodlands, Texas, to help babies with tongue and lip ties, which has her swimming in a pile of research any day of the week. Every other moment finds her engulfed in loving on her husband Jason and their seven kiddos, (six growing-eating-all-the-things boys and one little lady who rules the house). Making every holiday magical and sacred with her kids has always been a huge passion. She is a coffee-drinking, library-going foodie who loves the rhythm of slow summer days on the front porch.