Newsflash: Friendships can be so hard.

That’s not really a surprise is it?

Cliques, lunch tables, social media likes, sleepovers, BFFs, and *squad goals* can make a girl ache to feel she’s accepted, wanted, and enough. The advice dished up by culture—sometimes even church culture—can sound like empty, shallow clichés.

“Who needs them?” “Be your own best friend.” “Jesus is your homeboy.”

No, sweet girl. God’s Word holds truths so much bigger and better than that for you.

In the six weeks of Squad, let God refresh your heart and reset your idea of what friendships should be. In these pages, you’ll look closely at the people Jesus kept around Him as He journeyed through His days on earth. When you look to the life of Jesus to see how He wants you to live your own, you’ll find He has much to say about the friends you choose to have and—more importantly—the friend you choose to be.

written by Hannah Stovall