Note: We provide this list of groups for your convenience. However, we do not specifically endorse or vouch for any specific group. Due to the fact that groups are spread out all of the country, we are not able to screen our leaders. So we ask that you do our due diligence if joining a group of someone you don't know (we are highly in favor of social media stalking them to see if they check out, even contact some of their friends to check that they are as genuine as they seem).

Groups are being added every day. If you don't see one in your area, consider hosting a group (apply below).



North Little Rock, AR   |   Women's Study   |   Host: Jennifer Jones   |   Contact:



Valdosta, GA   |   Women's Study (Online)   |   Host: Adrienne Terrebonne   |   Contact:



Wheaton, IL   |   Women's Study   |   Host: Laura Armstrong   |   Contact:



Mendon, MA   |   Women's Study   |   Host: Amanda Sartori   |    Contact:



Meridian, Mississippi   |   Women's Study (Online)   |   Host: Nickolee Roberts   |    Contact:


New mexico

 Farmington, NM   |   Women's Study   |   |   Host: Victoria Ramirez   |   Contact:


North carolinA

Boone, NC   |   Women's Study   |   Host: Anna Bundy   |   Contact:



Lancaster, OH   |    Women's Study   |   Host: Stacy Linn   |   Contact:



Tulsa, OK  |   Women's Study   |   Host: Mykkisu Quimby   |   Contact:

Oklahoma (Online)   |   Women's + Family Study   |   Host: Kara Reid   |   Contact:



Levittown, PA   |   Women's Study   |   Host: Emily Manards   |   Contact: 



Alvin, TX   |   Women's Study   |   Host: Danielle Perrin   |   Contact:

Arlington, TX   |   Women's Study   |   Host: Allison Lawson and Christy Gandy   |   Contact:

Houston, TX (Central)   |   Women's Study   |   Host: Karina Garza   |    Contact:

Kountze, Texas   |   Womens, Mens + Family   |   Host: Heather Wyble & Tracy Baker   |   Contact:

Snyder, TX   |   Women's Study   |   Host: Abby Neinast   |   Contact:



Kents Store, VA    |   Women's Study   |   Host: Jessica White   |   Contact:



Pastor's Wives | Women's Study | Host: Susan Buetow   |   Contact: 

Any Woman | Women's Study   |   Host: Sue Mulder   |   Contact:

Would you like to host a group?

Good question. Isn't the whole point about doing Advent or Lent to focus and simplify. To take our eyes off of chaos and seek Jesus. So why would we want to fill up our calendar with one more thing! We believe you can do this simply without it being a burden to you, the leader, or your group. In fact, we urge you make it so.

The reason we want to start groups is three fold: 

  • Research confirms time and time again that when people do things together and have accountability, they will stick with it. Most of us have a shelf full of half finished studies. Not this time. When we come together to encourage and hold one another to our commitment, we are more likely to stick with this. 
  • Community is vital in the Christian life. Jesus made an effort to have a group of people around him often. Yes, he retreat often and also taught large crowds, but most of the time He was with His twelve. We too need to make every effort to gather with a group of people to seek Jesus together. We will learn from one another. Growth will come. 
  • Fun. Yeah, we really like to have fun!

For more information, check out our page for Small Group leaders


Are you hosting a group? Let us know and we will post it above: 

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