We are committed to providing resources to help you have #LESSCHAOSMOREJESUS with game changing books and Bible studies. you can have the holidays you believe are possible, but haven't yet tasted. Pinky promise.


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We have two advent studies for you to celebrate that He Is For All this Christmas! Choose from—one focused on the Christmas story, For All, and the other focused on celebrating the attributes of God, He Is. Both studies include:

  • Five candle lighting days—including Bible study and lighting prompts.

  • 20 days of Bible study content from 20 guest contributors.

  • 10% of profits provide food and shelter for vulnerable women and children in Maai Mahiu, Kenya, in partnership with His Voice Global.

Both will draw you closer to Jesus as you pursue making your holidays sacred—holy and set apart!

Contributors include: Mandy Arioto, Kat Armstrong, Lindsay Benedetto, Heather Brock, Amber Burger, Christina Crenshaw, Melanie Dale, Jandi Harris, Elizabeth Hyndman, Kara-Kae James, Jenn Jett Barrett, Rachel Joy, Kelly King, Becky Kiser, Sharon Miller, Osheta Moore, Molly Parker, Tia Plum, Rebecca Renfrow, Sharifa Stevens, and Jen Weaver.


Contributors include: Andi Andrew, Megan Burns, Christine Hoover, Ashley Irons, Jamie Ivey, Ashley Jackson, Becky Kiser, Leigh Kohler, Vivian Mabuni, Sarah Mae, Remi Onayemi, Deanna Opheim, Katie Orr, Debra Parker, Kai A. Pineda, Tara Royer Steele, Brooke Saxon-Spencer, Lisa Whittle, Mary Wiley, Logan Wolfram, and Elizabeth Woodson.

Do you enter every holiday wanting it to be meaningful, only to find that it feels chaotic with no direction?

We set New Year’s goals we can’t keep, struggle to love or be loved on Valentine’s Day, and find it hard to celebrate the risen Jesus when we are searching for the perfect Easter dress. Our summer and back-to-school seasons are whirlwinds, even as adults; we aren’t quite sure what to do with Halloween as Christians; and we feel less than grateful at Thanksgiving because it is sometimes full of complicated people. Even Christmas becomes a challenge, as celebrating Jesus gets lost behind twinkling lights and a mountain of gifts.

Holidays are meant to be more than chaos with glimpses of grace; they are meant to draw us closer to God and one another. We want all the whimsy and joy the holidays held when we were children, before life crowded it out. We want the holidays to reflect our love for Jesus and reveal the grace that has been lavished on us, but life is so busy that setting a game plan just doesn’t happen.

No more. It’s time to stop trying to survive the holidays or over indulge the whimsy, and instead live in the abundant life God called us to live.

Sacred Holidays is part book and part resource: meant to help you avoid what has tripped you up in the past and give you insights, tips, and tools to make your holidays less chaotic and more about loving Jesus and others.

Don’t let your holidays be marked by regret, whirlwinds, or survival mindset. Let’s celebrate every holiday together purposefully and worshipfully–loving Jesus and others well in every moment.

Whether you've been a mom for all of a day after seeing those two stripes or got the call that you've been matched with a child, or if it's been decades since you've first heard the words, "Mama," the emotions never quite change. They are constantly evolving, just like our children, but we have All The Feels regardless if our babies are swaddled in our arms or flew out of our nests years ago. Motherhood is this beautiful yet terrifying juxtaposition of emotions that only other mothers can fully get. We can trust God with our children, and yet fear what will happen to them. We can feel like we've had a #momwin of a day and seconds later we do a total #momfail. We can feel that we have this mom thing down, and yet feel wildly insecure in our ability to be a mom. We can be annoyed with our kids and find them absolutely hysterical. Motherhood brings us the deepest sorrows and the highest joys. All these emotions, and more, are processed through on these pages. This book is part story and part reflection to help you realize that you are not alone in feeling All The Feels. Through story, Scripture, and reflection questions, you will find freedom to feel All The Feels and live more confident today in whatever stage of motherhood you find yourself. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 We would LOVE to connect with you and follow along with your journey as you reflect on the emotions of motherhood! When you share on social media be sure to tag us @sacredholidays and use #SacredHolidays #AllTheFeels!