You are a rockstar. Truly, you are insane and in the best possible way. Choosing the read the entire Bible in the next 90 days is not an easy thing to even approach, much less complete. We will do this with you. We know it won't be easy. So let us partner up with you and support you through this. 

Our whole heart and hope at Sacred Holidays is that we can come alongside you during holidays and help you get closer to God and others. We know that holidays are typically the time of year we take a break from time of the Lord or get caught up in other things. How about let's do something different this year? How about we make this summer the most intimate time we've ever had with the Lord. We don't need camp high's to keep us going during the summer-- His Word is enough.

We will start as a group on June 1. We provide encouragement and reminders based off of starting on June 1 and following the 90 plan provided. Becky will be doing some Facebook Live teaching sessions that correspond with that schedule. However, you start when you are ready and follow your best course (see tips below for more thoughts on this).  

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check out our tips to help you do this!

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Yay! So proud of you for doing this!

We know this is a BIG DEAL to commit to. We know it's scary and also exciting. So we are so crazy proud of you for signing up to do this.

Now that you've downloaded your plan, share on social media that you are doing this. This isn't a brag moment. You don't have to feel weird about that. Sharing about this is good for 2 main reasons: 

#1: It holds you to it. There's nothing like saying your goals out loud to hold you to actually doing it. There is so much research about this. And this will be hard, even though it will be good, so let's get all the accountability we can muster. 

#2: It invites others to do it and gives them the courage to say yes too! Did you realize that you sharing this could give someone who maybe has been disconnected from The Word of God the faith to do this too. Or maybe someone who has been stuck in a cycle of so-so devotionals and needs just the Word of God fresh in their life to go deeper than they've allowed themselves to dream before. 

>> Copy one of the images below image or download them (simple image or image with more text), and share on your social media accounts. You can say something like this (feel free to copy + paste):

Friends, will you do this with me? I know it sounds crazy, but it also sounds awesome! Let's not take this summer off or go lighter in how we pursue God-- let's do the hard thing because it just might be the best thing we will ever do. I can't imagine reading the Bible from beginning to end in 90 days! I'm a little scared and hesitant too. But I also know this will be worth it. Go to the link in the @sacredholidays profile or go to Let me know if you are doing it too and we can encourage each other! #sacredholidays



This is hard but you have done harder.

we hope these tips and challenges help: 


Tip #1: Do it with others

There's a reason why those who start any form of "healthy lifestyle" (what we like to call diets now) change have a far greater success when they can get others to do it with them-- we are stronger together. There are so many verses to support this and we know it ourselves. If you are in a small group at church, bring up the idea to do this together. If you have co-workers or neighbors who believe, invite them to join you. 

>> Who are 3 people you could ask to do this with you? Email or text them this page! Also, go to our social media pages and you can tag as many friends as you want in the comments to join you. 


Tip #2: Commit to it and set yourself up for success

Various sources say that it will take on average 30 minutes a day. However, we've just found it to be a bit longer than that, but we can be a little easily distracted here. I would give yourself an hour each day. Gulp. I know. An hour is a lot of time. If you have struggled with consistency, this may seem like the most impossible and unrealistic idea of all time. You can do it. To be successful you have to be realistic that it will take you some time. You might need to make some sacrifices to make it happen. Becky is cutting out Netflix for the summer so binging on shows and movies doesn't take priority. Other ideas could be to stay off social media each day until you've done your reading. You'd be amazed how easily you can find an hour. 

>> What can you do to make time for this? What do you need to give up or limit? 


Tip #3: Give yourself grace

You will get off track. It's just gonna happen. Let's embrace that today. If you've done one of our studies before you know we don't ignore this reality, we fight it. Know right now that there will be a day you don't do it, and maybe a whole stream of days. This is where you choose to give yourself grace and you choose to do the Bible plan in 94 days instead of 90. We are not a slave to this plan, we are free in Jesus Christ. The aim in all of this isn't that we complete it in 90 days. Don't loose your faith and hope in the gospel of His Word because you want to complete it. Our aim simple isn't completion. 

>> What is your aim for doing this? Post that somewhere you can see it. Maybe write it on the back of your 90 day plan to remind yourself when you feel like you've gotten off track too many times. 


Tip #4: Don't quit

This needed it's own category. I wanted to couple it with Give Yourself Grace (above) but it needs it's own place. This is going to be so very hard. Everything in you will want to quit this. Don't do it. You are worth this sacrifice and He, your Father, is SO WORTH IT! 

>> Tell at least one person what you are committing to and ask them to hold you to it and not let you quit when it gets hard. 


Tip #5: ask questions

If you aren't sure what something means or what is happening, ASK! You can ask on your social media pages but we'd love you to start the conversation on ours! If you still can't seem to get your answer, email and we will do our best to help you out. 

>> Join the Sacred Holidays Tribe-- this is YOUR space, where you all get to connect!  You will love this group.  This is a safe space of people who love Jesus and want to know Him more. You can ask your questions here and you will get a wealth of information and loads of encouragement. 


Tip #6: have so much fun

We've talked about how hard this is because we want you to know what you are getting yourself in to but you should know this will be amazing. Really and truly amazing. To think if you start it on the first of June that by the time the end of August is here, you will have read the entire Bible! Not only is that accomplishment fun, but what you will learn about God and His story is amazing. Things will be made clear that has always been confusing. You will fall in love with His people because they are as much of a hot mess as we all are! 

>> Take a deep breath. Remember what is awesome about this, not just hard. 


Tip #7: keep things simple

The best way to be successful with this is if you keep it really, really simple. If you are used to doing Bible studies or inductive Bible study methods, you will need to throw out all those skills for the next 90 days. What you are doing this summer is a massive overview. You can go back to deep diving into His Word after this, but for the next 90 days you are taking it all in. Try your hardest not to go on rabbit trails when you want to put things together. If you find yourself reading the commentary at the bottom of your study or life application Bible, maybe read out of a different Bible. Some people do really well when they choose to read a more paraphrase Bible for these like the NIV or NLT, some really like the Message but that is considered more of a commentary since it's written by one man than a translation. You could even listen to the Bible on audio. There are many options, pick the method that works best for you. Just remember, whatever you choose, to keep it really simple. The reading itself will require an extensive amount of your time. 

>> What would be the best method for you? Should you use a different Bible or translation than what you typically use? Would the audio version be helpful for you? 


Tip #8: share what you are learning

It's not secret that we really like following along with you and what you are doing. So we have a purely selfish request-- we want to see all that you are learning! If the Lord shows you something and you choose to share it on social media, will you tag us (@sacredholidays or Sacred Holidays on Facebook) and use #sacredholidays. We will be sharing some of your pics throughout the summer as well, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook too!