Becky had enough of the holiday overwhelm and desperately wanted to connect with Christ during the holidays, not become more distant from Him. Holiday after holiday she found herself caught up in the chaos of the holidays-- some parts were so wonderful and some, well, not so wonderful. After talking to lots of her friends, Becky realized she wasn't the only one that felt distracted or distant from God when celebrating His birth (Christmas/Advent) or His death and resurrection (Easter/Lent).

Sacred Holidays started in the fall of 2014 with a simple vision of equipping women with a Bible study to connect them to the heart of God during Advent (Christmas).

Our purpose is still the same, just expanded.  

We desire to connect the heart of women, men, teens, and families to the heart of God during peak seasons of their lives-- the holidays they celebrate. We offer Bible studies during Advent and Lent, and free resources all throughout the year on our blog and for our email subscribers.

Everything we do is checked against this standard. If it doesn't equip you to be more fully engaged with God during the holidays then you won't see it here.



We desire to make it easy for you and become a one-stop resource when you desire to connect your heart to God's during the holidays (and have fun in the process). We will do that for you by:

Writing Bible studies for Advent (women, teen girls, families, and men), Lent (women only), and Summer (teen girls only): These are created to get you into the Word of God and connected to the purpose of the holiday you are approaching. They are more than just a 2-minute devotion because we know you want to really connect not just check a box. These are available for purchase in our Shop.

Creating Guides and Resources to boost your faith during other holidays: Moving into the next year, our vision is to provide you resources that will help with some of the smaller holidays/not as spiritually based. Sometimes we pull our faith out of these holidays and root ourselves simply in tradition. We want to equip you to find your faith and connect with God during these holidays: New Years, Valentines, Black History Awareness Month, President's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Summer, Back-to-School, Halloween, the Christian Voters Guide, Thanksgiving, and birthdays! These products will be available for purchase in our shop (include link) or given as a free download for our email subscribers.

Webinars: We plan to expand to offer webinars for our tribe to help further equip you all for holidays and Bible study. More on this to come soon!

Give you free things: We LOVE to give our people FREE things as often as possible. We host 25 Days of Giveaways Christmas in July event every summer.

Connecting on social media: In our digital world, we can often feel isolated. We will provide encouraging and authentic content on social media. Plus we LOVE getting to interact with you in the comments. We often re-share images when people use #sacredholidays. This is where we get to ask you direct questions and let you speak into our decisions. This is where we get to ask for you to pray specifically and pray for you specifically. Connect with us on Instagram (this is where we connect with you most), Twitter, and Facebook