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10% of our profits go to

print Bible studies for women in prison. 



We partner with CHARM Prison Ministry and the women's prisons they go to in the Greater Houston Area. Becky Kiser frequently teaches at these prisons and has been able to help hand out these studies and tell these women about you all! Just a couple of months ago a woman came up to her and said: "I was given an Advent study last year and I sleep with it under my pillow every night. I will be released in three weeks and it will be the first thing I show my family. It changed my life and I hope it will change my family's life. Thank you!!!"

This is real work, ladies. Real work. 

We work with a local printer to get the cost of the studies for the inmates down as low as possible while still maintaining as much quality as possible to gift the ladies this Bible study. This study is a treasure as paper is a very rare commodity in prison. 

Thank you for helping this happen!!! 

Do you work at or volunteer with a prison ministry? 

We would LOVE to help you get this study in the hands of the ladies that you minister to in prison! We will work with you!

If you are able to cover the cost for printing, we will provide the study document to your printer at no charge. Or we will get you our printer's information (they can ship to any location), if you can cover their cost for printing and shipping.