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Lent is the holiday I want our community to get around more than any other holiday. THIS IS THE ONE THAT MATTERS MOST. Many of you find our ministry because you want Christmas to mean more, and that is a good thing. But sister, Lent is where it is at, this holiday is the one we all miss most, but it is the actual realization and the celebration of our faith! I’m so proud of you for choosing this.

Lent is for everyone, not just certain denominations. Lent is for Baptist, Catholics, Methodist, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Non-Denomination-ers, and everything in between. Lent is for the woman who has been faithfully studying God’s Word and following Him for decades, and for the woman who hasn’t picked up His Word or stepped foot in church in years. It is for the skeptic and the one full of faith. It is for the weary and the courageous. Because Lent isn’t about us—it’s about Jesus.

Both of these studies will lead you closer to Him, they just have a different focus.


The Final Days: A Study of the Final Days of Jesus, from the Triumphant Entry to the Empty Tomb 

The Final Days Lent study is great if you want to walk side-by-side Jesus from the moment He came down to earth in flesh form. You will walk alongside the disciples as they are called. You will witness all the miracles and His teachings. You will feel His pain the Garden and hear His cries on the Cross. And you will step into that empty tomb and celebrate on Easter like never before!


He Is Alive: A Study of the Book of John

The He Is Alive Lent study is great if you want to step into the ache of those final days. This study is like walking through those days in slow motion. You will get to take the time to take in what it was like to ride in on that donkey with crowds shouting “Hosanna!” You will sit at the Final Supper table with the disciples, and stand beside Peter as He denies Jesus three times. You will also stand at that tomb with the stone rolled away and the grave clothes folded up.

Both studies follow the Lenten calendar—beginning on this year on Wed, March 6 and going through Easter, Sun, April 21.

Both studies include the following in a very similar format:

  • Reflect and Commit: This is one portion that makes our studies really unique and also encourages and equips you to really stick with the study, and it not be another one that goes unfinished.

  • Weekly Lenten Candle Guide: If you’ve never done this, we will help walk you through it! This will engage your senses and emotions just like the lights on your Christmas tree do.

  • 3 Scripture Study Days Per Week: We believe in the power of studying God’s Word, but we we also know that 40 days is a long time to commit to something. And we wanted to help walk you through God’s Word as you learn other disciplines and ways of connecting with Him. Each week you will have three days (or sessions, if you want to spread out or bundle up scripture study days).

  • Daily Prayer Prompts: A traditional element of Lent is spending time praying. We provide both a prompt and space to journal out your prayers each day.

  • Weekly Repentance Guide: This sounds more depressing than it is. The Cross brings us freedom from our sin, but our part in that freedom is repenting—turning away from our sin and towards God. Each week, we provide space for you to focus in and ask God if there are any sins that you need to turn away from.

  • Weekly Sabbath Guide: Sabbath, resting, isn’t something we are very good at in our society. But God commanded that we rest, He even modeled resting. So we give you a day and some prompts for resting.

  • Support for Groups: See below for more!!

  • 10% of Profits given to support to vulnerable women and children in Africa through His Voice Global.

  • We also guide you through fasting—both picking your fast and giving you weekly commitment prompts to help you stay on track with your fast (if you choose to do a Lent fast).

  • In addition to all of that, we are here for you. You have access to our Tribe (our private Facebook group); we share tips, tricks, and encouragement on Instagram and Facebook; and we are always available to answer your questions via email.

Join or host a Lent group… You will LOVE THIS! (Pinky promise)

The best way to get the most out of a lent study is to be a part of a lent group. I know you are busy, we are all “so busy.” However, consider this: the whole reason you are grabbing this study, and likely the Sacred Holidays book, is because you want less chaos and more Jesus during all the holidays. Right? We fill our calendars with so many things that don’t bring more Jesus, but instead bring more chaos. Being in a group is something that always brings more Jesus. Choose this over other things. Make space for it and I pinky promise that it will bring more Jesus, and will also less chaos.

For even more ideas on how to make your Thanksgiving sacred—holy and set apart—grab your copy of Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos, More Jesus today!

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So sadly and also amazingly, the Lent Launch Team filled up in just a 12 hours! Wild! Be sure that you have joined our Sacred Holidays Facebook Tribe (our private Facebook group) and have signed up for emails (scroll to bottom of this page), because we always announce these things there first.

However, if you would still like to be a part of our Launch Team for Lent, we would love to still have you, we just can’t give away any more free studies! But we would still love to have you in our group, and will give you all the tools and tips you need to share about the Lent studies and make your group awesome.

And you can still sign up to host a group, and that will give you access to our Private Facebook group for Group Leaders.

If you are interested in being in our Lent Launch Team, then fill out this form and Kelly Bosch, our leader of Groups, will be in touch shortly.

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