Hello! We are honored and excited that you are interested in joining the Sacred Holidays team. If you feel like this might be the thing God has for you, then we'd love for you to get the application process started by filling out the form below. (Note: NONE of these positions require for you to live locally (The Woodlands, Texas), they all can be done remotely.)

But first, here are a few MUST HAVES before you see what's available:

  • Loves Jesus and lives for Him (even if imperfectly attempted)
  • Dedicated to Sacred Holidays but not work obsessed
  • Works well independently and very self-motivated
  • Loves a team environment and willing to connect (as best we can virtually)
  • Eager to learn new things and stays on top of or ahead of trends (or willing to learn)
  • Innovators and Dreamers welcomed if you are also a Doer (we work hard)
  • Be OK to do this all volunteer (unpaid) because you are awesome like that (all the kissy emoji faces)
  • Have all the capabilities to work from home (i.e. computer, internet, phone, WIFI, etc.)
  • Authentic, honest, kind and you don't take yourself too seriously
  • Able to commit 5-10 hours a week to this position, you are able to flex those hours however you want and do not have to track or report hours. The main goal is that we get our work done, if that can be done in less than 5 hours some weeks, that is totally awesome!


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director of Content

A big dream for Sacred Holidays is to offer more resources-- both studies and free downloads for our people. We need someone to oversee the creation of these (think New Year's Planning Docs, Birthday Guide, Mothers Day Devo, etc.). This position is more like an Editor-in-Chief over all our content, not a writer or copy editor/proofer. This might be perfect for you if:

  • You like working with others and having a collective voice more than just a singular one.
  • You love to dream up ideas of what resources would be helpful for women. (No pressure, brainstorming is a collaborative effort around here, but you also have freedom to dream.) 
  • Deadlines/Timelines and coordinating with others virtually sounds super fun.
  • You get really excited about words. No need to be a Grammar Queen, this isn't an editing position, just a content coordinating position (although, major perk if you like that stuff too).

Apply below if you love pulling content together and getting into the hands of women who need it! 

director of Marketing

We need help reaching women. This past year God gave me (Becky) vision to "cast the net to the other side" from John 21. We want to scoop up women who need to be caught by the love of God and His Word. We want to build a name for Sacred Holidays in the hopes that it brings many women closer to God through His Word and helps women feel connected with one another. We need help with branding, marketing strategy, advertising, and all other things marketing. Whether you have marketing experience or just like building brands, we know this will be a learning curve as every business is different and we don't expect this person to be an expert in every field... just willing to learn. 

If you love making others aware of awesome things, then pretty please apply below. 

director of details

We need help with all things details. If you like helping, then you would be our hero. If you are someone who is a get-it-done, doesn't need a ton of hand-holding, and happy to do mundane things then we welcome you here! You are actually needed here. 

If you are ready to put your hands to work, then apply below. 


If you love all things social media, then you will love this position! We need someone to help us as we connect with our people on social media and craft our brand (all about women, The Word, holidays, fun and connection). We are essentially an online ministry and we want to be able to best connect with our women with helpful, engaging, and consistent content. The Social Media Manager will work directly with our Director of Digital Content to find images (online + with our team of photographers), coordinate content (with our team of writers), schedule + push posts, and help keep us on top of trends online. Must be comfortable using Facebook and Instagram. 

If being on social media is basically already your part-time job, then let's make this a legit thing and apply below. 

Director of retail

Do you love dreaming up products and you find yourself slightly addicted to fashion magazines and decorating instagrammers. You just might love what we are about to share-- we would like to launch a retail line! We are going to keep it super simple but make products that are AWESOME. These will all go in line with our brand (holidays). We are looking with someone who can dream up products, oversee the styling and design of them, work with manufactures to get them made. You will NOT have to deal with shipping (that's what our shipping concierge will handle), so yay for that! This is for creatives who also like to work! We would love to partner up with other small businesses to create these products, so if collaborations are fun for you then you will LOVE this.

Apply below if you are ready to do something with all that pent up creative energy. 


You know who you are. You are that person who's house looks like something out of magazine (when it isn't a total wreck). During the holidays you put together those really thought out gifts, when the rest of us do a gift card. Dinner parties at your place are an occasion, not just a meal. You think people roll their eyes at you, and we don't.  Nope, not even a little bit. We open our arms to you and want to give you the biggest hug. You make every detail special and fun. We want a Pintrest-y Pinner (or we can change the title) to come onto our team, not only to start an actual Pintrest account but to put out Facebook Live and Instagram tutorials on bringing in all the creative side of things to our various holidays.

If this just made you squeal a little, then apply below. 


Was making mixed CDs (or even tapes) totally your jam back in the day? If your friends label you a music snob and it doesn't even sort of bother you, then you are probably right in line for what we are seeking. I will add that the music will be mostly Christian, although it doesn't all have to be. We just need to be able to back any artist we recommend. So if you don't like most Christian music because you are that much of a music snob (wink) then this probably isn't the best position for you.

If musicians like Hillsong, Bethel, All Sons & Daughters, Lauren Daigle and the like feel like your besties, then apply below. 


This job may seem lame-o but it's not. In fact it is one of the very most important people on our team. You are the way between all the work we do and our customers, our tribe. If gift giving is your love language, this might feel like Christmas every day. This person must be someone that pays attention to details-- because we aim to get every order right (and give refunds and freebies when they aren't). This person will be able to gather a team to help with packaging days. We will train in on all our systems we use, so no worries on having shipping experience. You will have the option to add some creative freedom to our packaging process-- your ideas will be more than welcome. We want to make our packaging process a beautiful and seamless one. In addition, you need to be someone who has a heart for prayer. We commit to pray over each study that ships out of our office (you can gather a team for this as well). This person MUST live locally or be willing to travel to The Woodlands, Texas during our shipping months (month before Lent, month before Advent, and then once a week during non-peak seasons). 

If this sounds like a party to you, then apply below. 

director of prayer

If you LOVE to pray for others but that title made you feel a little uncomfortable, then you are probably the perfect person for this! We want to form a prayer team (through private Facebook group) that will receive a weekly update with how to pray for the ministry. We also want to actively pray for those we serve (our clients and followers online), and need someone to oversee these posts (we will craft them, but we need someone to engage/comment on those posts and commit to pray over each one). We will also add a prayer request tab to the website, allowing our people to submit prayer requests any time they want to and the Director of Prayer will reply back with a written prayer or some encouragement. (If this becomes too much, we will ask the Prayer Team to help volunteer for this as well.)

If signing up to pray and lead others to pray sounds too good to be true, then apply below. 


We believe in creating space for awesome people and letting them thrive and fly. If you feel like your unique giftings could work really well under the Sacred Holidays umbrella, then pitch us an idea! The worst you can hear on this one is "not now." I (Becky) live by the motto: It doesn't hurt to ask, the worst they can say is no. Then wait for the yes God has. So let's see if this might be that yes! 

Scroll down below the general application to read more about this option and apply. 



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apply below

We will contact you if we are interested in moving to the next step of the process (interview and checking your references). We apologize that we can't respond to every applicant. Thanks for your grace and understanding. Know too, if you don't hear from us, this just means you weren't a right match for our ministry at this time. This in NO way reflects on you and your gifting or abilities. There are so many parts to the puzzle and they all have to fit for us. Keep seeking God for what's next for you. Keep being brave! Keep taking the next step. And pretty please still be our friend because we really like you. (Insert emoticon kissy face.)

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Are you aware this is unpaid? *
You don't have to have a ton of experience but we can't train from the ground up. So you will need to be able to have some sort of relevant experience that gives you confidence you can do the task.

Note: We will begin reviewing applications in the beginning of April and will be in touch middle/late April to give you an update on the status of your application. Thank you for your patience!


You create a position and Pitch it to us

Sometimes we want to do something but what we want to do doesn't exist. What if you created it. If you love Sacred Holidays, or love what you know of it so far, and think the unique skills and passions and heart you have would be a good match, then let us know! 

No idea is a bad idea. Some ideas might be a not now or not the right match for our ministry, but it can't hurt to ask. 

Have an idea for a position you' like to pitch? Apply below: 

Name *