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We know that joining a small group during Advent, the month leading up to Christmas, sounds like the craziest idea yet. You were hoping that by doing an Advent study you might simplify things more than add more to your calendar. Listen, we are all about less chaos and more Jesus at Sacred Holidays and joining a small group actually does just that. 

Here are a few reasons why you want to consider joining a small group: 

1You'll finish the study (those in groups are more successful). 

2 You will be known and loved and accepted just as you are. 

3 You will learn more from others in your group. 

4 You will have so much fun. (This is guaranteed.) 


ALMYRA, AR  //  Host: Karlyn Hillman  //  Contact:



RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA  //  Host: Stephanie Ackerman  //  Contact:

SAN JOSE, CA // Host: Azlan Canchola // Contact:



PORT ORANGE, FL  //  Host: Leah Loy  //  Contact:



JOHNS CREEK, GA  //  Host: Sarah Barber //  Contact:



WICHITA, KS  //  Host: Friyana Shah //  Contact: 620-255-1864



TENSTRIKE, MN //  Host: Karen Bernard  //  Contact:

WOODBURY, MN //  Host: Kristen Lindstedt  //  Group is private.



BALLWIN, MO // Host: Stephanie Lombardo // Group is private.

BRANSON, MO //  Host: Eryn Weber  //  Contact:

SAINT CHARLES, MO // Host: Ven Romero // Contact:



ALBANY, NY //  Host: Courtney Owens + Trista Deame  //  Contact: 



RALEIGH, NC //  Host: April Barham  //  Contact: // Group will meet online

YOUNGSVILLE, NC //  Host: Lindsay Wilson  //  Contact: 



CINCINNATI, OH //  Host: Jalal Hoehler + Ana Shelton //  Contact: INFO@VISITNEWHOPE.ORG



TULSA, OK //  Host: Robin Wright //



EUGENE, OR //  Host: Anna Lancaster + Eden Lininger //  Contact:



PLANKINTON, SD  //  Host: Keara Hohn //  Contact:



ALVIN, TX  //  Host: Danielle Perrin + Trina Sutherland //  Contact:

ATHENS, TX // Host: Denise Swartwood + Jen Rudolph // Contact: 

BELLVILLE, TX // Host: Abigail Criner // Group is private

FORT WORTH, TX  //  Host: Regan Mowdy //  Contact:

FRIENDSWOOD, TX // Host: Amy Matejek // Contact:

GLADEWATER, TX  //  Host: Tiffany Lewis //  Contact:

SPRING, TX // Host: Joette Corden // Contact:

PLANO, TX  //  Host: Katierose Beaudet  //  Contact:



SALT LAKE CITY, UT  //  Host: Jessica Reeves //  Contact:



HOLLINS, VA  //  Host: Kelly Hegarty //  Contact:



FOR ADOPTIVE + FOSTER MOMS //  Host: Brooke Miller  //  Contact: // Join here

THOSE LOOKING FOR ACCOUNTABILITY // Host: Brittany Harris // Contact:

ALL STUDIES (Co-ed) // Hosts: Sherri and John Lund // Contact: // Join here (limited spots)


ANYONE // Host: Tzigane Monda // Contact:

ANYONE // Host: Anne O'Shaughnessy Evans + Cate Baze // Contact:

ANYONE // Host:  Brenda Saball // Contact: // Join here


PRIVATE // Host: Katierose Beaudet // Contact:

PRIVATE // Host: Tamara Cline // Contact: 

PRIVATE // Host: Lindsay Myers // Contact:

PRIVATE // Host: Sarah Beakes // Contact:


Disclaimer: While we love small groups, highly recommend them, and want to make it as easy as we can on you to find a local group, we are leaving the vetting process to you. We aren't able to do a thorough check on each host or host location. We do our best due diligence, but we recommend that you do yours as well if you are joining a group without any known acquaintance. 


While we highly encourage joining a small group, or hosting one if you don't see one in your area, there is also great value in knowing everyone that is doing our studies. We spread across all 50 states and many countries. We all love Jesus and want to make Him known. We all want less chaos and mores Jesus this Christmas. So let's get to know Him and others. We'd love for you to join our Private Facebook, we call it the tribe because we are a group who is connected and family. This is your space to share what God is showing you, ask for prayer, get or share tips, or whatever else you want to make it!