We were meant to live in connection and community with others.

Let’s gather together in groups to encourage, learn, listen, share, laugh, pray, and be women who are for one another during our holidays, and all the ordinary days in between.

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  1. Choose to join a group in person or join an online group.

  2. Find one that’s closest to you. (If you don’t see one that’s close to you consider hosting a group or co-hosting it with a friend. We promise, it’s so much fun and totally worth leading this. Go here for more information on hosting a group.)

  3. Contact the host and let them know you’d love to join!

It’s that easy! Don’t wait any longer, scroll below and find your group today!

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Find a group in your area and contact the host to join the group! There is a space for you at our tables. You are welcome here.

Groups coming soon!

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Find a group that sounds like a great match for your needs and contact the host to join the group! There is space for you in these online gatherings. You are welcome here.

Groups coming soon!

If there is any way we can help you find the right group for you, contact us any time!

Disclaimer: Sacred Holidays isn’t able to screen all the hosts for groups. Be sure to use your own judgement and practice good safety when joining a group with others you aren’t familiar. We do our best to support and connect with our leaders, but these groups are independently run.