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I know, I know: Things are too busy to think about joining a small group, much less leading one. You are crazy to even think about it. 

First, we love crazy around here, so welcome. You are in good (or at least, familiar) company and you will be wildly loved here. 

Second, life is busy and this might seem like the worst time to think about leading a small group. However the whole point of what we are pursuing this Lent is that we are committed to choosing more Jesus and less chaos. Small groups bring more Jesus to your life and decrease the chaos. We need more real life, meaningful community and less busy time with others. 


Here's why you will LOVE leading a group: 

1. It will hold you accountable to keep up with this study

2. You will learn from the other ladies in your group

3. You will laugh so hard and probably cry at least once

4. access to our private facebook page for leaders

5. Lots and lots of fun (We will help you with this!)


We want to resource you with ideas, tips, and best practices for leading your small group. 

We want to be there to encourage you and pray for you! 

We want to create opportunity for you to help one another and share all you know (or will learn). 

We want to have a lot of fun, because sometimes leadership can be really hard! 

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