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Each month we give you FREE downloads of a new verse to meditate on. This will be a huge catalyst for you to focus less on the chaos around you, and more on Jesus during the holidays and all the ordinary days in between. 

If you are ready for all your holidays—not just Christmas and Easter—to be holy (all about Jesus) and set apart (living with intention), then you need this book in your hands. It’s full of all kinds of tips, insight, truth, and encouragement.


You weren’t meant to live life alone. There is great power in numbers and we want you, our people, to gather in community so you can truly obtain more sacred holidays. You will want to make the time to gather with others—this is worth it!

Not only do we have FREE 90-day Bible reading plans, but we have two Lent studies to help you focus on the real meaning of Easter: The Final Days and He Is Alive. Find the one that is best for you as you connect with the One who is alive!