(even if it seems way too early to be talking about Christmas)! 

Christmas is a magical time of year with all its whimsy, sugar highs, parties, twinkly lights, and crisp air (for some, the rest of us just turn our AC down to pretend). For most it is also a time of lots of chaos with family drama, endless spending, calendars jammed-packed, sugar comas, and all the regular challenges of every day life mixed in. 

What usually happens is we get caught up in the chaos—the whimsy and the challenging—and lose our focus on the One who matters most. We end up standing there at that Christmas Eve service with our candles lit, singing Silent Night, and we suddenly realize we've got it all wrong. We got caught up in the chaos . . . again.

Not this year. Not this time. This year will be different. 

Together, we turn our attention towards the One who came FOR ALL

This year, we would love for you to join us as we study the story that was and is FOR ALL, but is also for you. Each day we will look at a different person from the Christmas story—starting in the Garden, working our way through Isaiah, hearing from Zechariah, and then connecting with each person or place throughout the story of Jesus' coming FOR ALL.  

Every year, we set ourselves up for success with a really thorough intro section that includes more than just how to use the study. We will make a solid plan for our holidays—both for the study and for ourselves personally. We will help you reflect on what's worked in the past and what didn't go as you'd hoped. We will help you dream and ask God to show you what He wants this time to look like. We will equip you to know how to share what your Father is teaching you as you open this study and His Word! 


We also really believe in authentic relationships and community. It's why we keep our private Facebook Group, the Sacred Holidays Tribe, going all year long. A major focus for us each Advent is setting up small groups for success. We know it's the craziest time ever to consider hosting or joining a group! But we can tell you that it is totally worth it! When we come together we are more likely to stick with the thing we are pursuing, in this case it's staying in God's Word during Advent. When we come together we learn more than we would've on our own. When we come together we are known and included, and we really need that during this season. 

Check out more about hosting a group or consider joining a group by clicking the links below:


So grateful you are considering this Advent study. If you have any questions, reach out any time!


A song that communicates our intent with Christmas to be less chaos and more Jesus is Micah Tyler's new song, "Different." His lyrics say, "I can't waste a day, I can't stay the same. I wanna be different. I wanna be changed. 'Til all of me is gone and all that remains is a fire so bright the whole world can see that there's something different. So come and be different in me. And I don't want to spend my life, stuck in a pattern. And I don't want to gain this world but lose what matters. And so I'm giving up, everything because I want to be different..."