Who is excited about the creative cover options for these Lent studies? 

Women's is a design your own cover + Families is a cover your own cover!


Over the stretch of Lent we will be doing a daily giveaway for creatives (and wanna-be creatives) who have shared a pic of their covers on social media and have tagged us and used #sacredholidays (so we can find you). We will also do some giveaways from now until Lent begins, so it's not too early to get started! 

Study for Womens: Do you remember the famous simple red Starbucks cups? Oh the controversy. But then do you remember this year how Starbucks used those plan red cups and then printed the designs others had drawn on the mugs? Once we saw this, we knew we wanted YOU all to design your own cover. We know not everyone is a creative, which is why we made it pretty as a standalone study. But for those that love a good creative outlet session, you are going to have fun with this! You can download a practice copy below. 


Study for Families: Katie Simpson illustrated an amazing cover and we wanted to create a space for your kids to make the study their own! We know some families might have more than one kid who likes to color, so we have include the study image below for you to download so they each can have a go at it. 



We know some of our more Type A creatives would like to practice, so feel free to download these covers here and get practicing! We would love to see your practice versions too. Anything posted will be entered into the contest, doesn't just have to be once Lent starts, we just won't announce winners until after Lent has started. 


Once you are done, post a picture of it on Instagram and/or Facebook and tag @sacredholidays and include #sacredholidays.