We LOVE getting to work with churches and bookstores to resource you all with Lent studies. 

Having been on staff at a few churches, I (Becky Kiser) know that THIS TIME OF YEAR IS CRAZY FOR YOU. And while you really love your people and you love God's Word, putting together an Lent devotional or Bible study is the last thing you really want to do or have time for. I get it and I've been there. This is why we love working with you—we want to take one thing off your hands, so you can focus on all the other parts of your life. 


Which ministries are these studies best for? 

Actually, all of them! We have worked hard to make these studies work well for communities, families and churches. Our heart and hope is that we can equip believers in gathering around the One who matters most. Each study is uniquely written for womenDepartments of your church that would be interested in this study: 

  • Women's Ministry
  • Children's and Family Ministry 
  • Discipleship 
  • Singles Ministry
  • Married Adults Ministry
  • Seniors
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option one: order at discounted rate and you distribute

  • We offer churches, non-profits and bookstores a 35% off orders over 50 studies.
  • We offer churches, non-profits and bookstores a 50% off orders over 100 studies.
  • We print these on demand and ship directly to you. Your shipping quote will be custom to your area and order size. We are willing to waive the shipping fee for anyone that would like like to pick up in the Woodlands, TX (north of Houston). 

We know that not every church budget is created equal (ha!) and even the big budget churches have tight budgets. We do our very best to work with you by providing these discounts for you. However, we know that even with these discounts, many churches still don't have the budget room for this as you didn't even have a budget to begin with. You have a few options for how you handle the cost of the studies.

These are a few of the decisions other partners have made in past seasons:

  • Cover the full cost of studies at the discounted rate (obviously, you'll have to have budget for this)
  • Order the studies at the discounted rate and sell them to your people at the discounted rate (you can only sell these in person, you are not allowed to have them for sale on an online shop at the discounted rate)
  • Order the studies at the discounted rate and sell them at the full price as a fundraiser for a specific ministry
  • Order the studies at the discounted rate and sell them at the full price to ensure all your expenses are covered

We are happy to help brainstorm with you as well if you need someone to discuss your specific needs. Contact for more information. 


option TWO: share a custom promo code and we ship direct

We are more than happy to offer you a custom promo code for your church of 10% off the order. If people order a bundle that can give them up to 20% off their entire order (bundles are marked down 5-10% already). You would have freedom to share these promo codes with anyone in your church and online as an outreach. Your promo code would be good through Easter, to allow others to join you at any point before or during Lent. 


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One thing we LOVE encouraging our followers to do, is to join a small group. It seems like a crazy time of year to do something, but I think you will find this to be very unifying for your people. Consider hosting a group or asking some leaders to host a group, then be sure to sign up on our Small Groups page so we can let others know about your small group!