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Last year we challenged you all to read the entire Bible in 90 days, and so many of you took us up on that challenge. However, we know that that is a HUGE undertaking, and so we wanted to provide some other options, too. So we've added three other 90-day plans: Psalms, New Testament, and the Letters (the Epistles). 

You have time this summer to do one of these. This isn't a crazy time to commit to something like this, it's the best time. 

These plans are just guides to help you be intentional with your time with the Lord, but completing them is not the goal--connecting with Jesus is the goal. Loving God, as we love others, is the goal. Just the other day we heard from someone in the tribe who is still working on the 90-day Read the Bible plan from last summer. That, my friend, is grace--to choose Jesus, over legalism... and laziness. 


Step One: Find the plan that is best for you 

Note: When you click to get the plan, a link will show as a confirmation on the screen for you to download your plan (PDF). 


Read the Bible in 90 Days

This plan is a big commitment--you can expect to read at least an hour per day. However, it give you an incredible overview of the entire scriptures. You will uncover so many of the threads that go all throughout scripture. Doing a plan like this is similar to how you can view things from an airplane in the sky--you fly over things fast but you get to see the bigger picture of the whole story. 


Read the New Testament in 90 Days

This plan will take you an average of 30 minutes per day (reading on average of 3 chapters a day). But when you've completed it you will have learned the entire story both of Jesus's life on earth, His death, His resurrection, and the days of the early church. Reading this material will change your life. 


Read the Letters (Epistles) in 90 Days

This plan will take you on average of 20 minutes per day (reading on average of 1-2 chapters per day). You will find yourself feeling like you are reading the diary of the early church. These letters were crafted just for them to guide these first followers of Jesus. You will be captivated by realizing that many of their own struggles are not so different than yours today. The letters, also called the epistles, include: Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Hebrews, James, 1 & 2 Peter, 123 John, and Jude. 



Read the Psalms in 90 Days

This plan will take you on average of 20 minutes per day (reading on average of 1-2 chapters per day). The Psalms is a book of poetry or songs. The beauty of the Psalms is it reads much like our emotions read--high and low, happy and sad, praising God and questioning Him. The Psalms gives us permission to feel all of our feelings--the ones that are Instagram worthy, and the ones few see. The Psalms shows us how we can ask God why and let Him know we fully trust Him.


Step Two: Remember a few things

#1: As I mentioned before, give yourself grace. These plans provide structure for you and a goal to go after. But completing this plan is not your goal, connecting with Jesus is your goal. 

#2: Don't give yourself too much grace, this will require effort. We've created a bad habit within the church of giving ourselves too much grace. You can do this. We've listed out the average time, but you may require less or more. Once you know how much time you need, then mark it off and set up some boundaries. For example, I know if I pull out my phone in the morning, then I will get trapped on Instagram. So I keep my phone across the room and then leave it on the charge until I've spent time with God. Whatever might be your hindrance, set yourself up for success!

#3: Make this accessible and realistic. Summer time can be a little bit crazier, and even if you never really go on summer break, the schedule still seems a little bit different. One great tip I was given years ago is to leave your Bible open on the counter where you are reading and read a little here and there throughout your morning and night (or day, if you are home). 

#4: Do this with others. Research proves that when we do things in groups, we are more successful. I know things are crazy, but consider joining or starting a group so you an all hold each other accountable. Plus that's a great place to challenge one another, share tips for staying on track, reach out when you want to quit, and also ask questions and encourage one another with break throughs! 



If you ever have questions or need help with anything, email anytime or reach out to others on the tribe