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We have two advent studies for you to celebrate that He Is For All this Christmas! Choose from—one focused on the Christmas story, For All, and the other focused on celebrating the attributes of God, He Is. Both studies include:

  • Five candle lighting days—including Bible study and lighting prompts.

  • 20 days of Bible study content from 20 guest contributors.

  • 10% of profits provide food and shelter for vulnerable women and children in Maai Mahiu, Kenya, in partnership with His Voice Global.

Both will draw you closer to Jesus as you pursue making your holidays sacred—holy and set apart!

Both studies are available for on Amazon now.

Contributors include: Mandy Arioto, Kat Armstrong, Lindsay Benedetto, Heather Brock, Amber Burger, Christina Crenshaw, Melanie Dale, Jandi Harris, Elizabeth Hyndman, Kara-Kae James, Jenn Jett Barrett, Rachel Joy, Kelly King, Becky Kiser, Sharon Miller, Osheta Moore, Molly Parker, Tia Plum, Rebecca Renfrow, Sharifa Stevens, and Jen Weaver.

Contributors include: Andi Andrew, Megan Burns, Christine Hoover, Ashley Irons, Jamie Ivey, Ashley Jackson, Becky Kiser, Leigh Kohler, Vivian Mabuni, Sarah Mae, Remi Onayemi, Deanna Opheim, Katie Orr, Debra Parker, Kai A. Pineda, Tara Royer Steele, Brooke Saxon-Spencer, Lisa Whittle, Mary Wiley, Logan Wolfram, and Elizabeth Woodson.

Do a group… it sounds crazy, but it’s awesome!

The best way to get the most out of an advent study is to be a part of an advent group. We know, we know, that also sounds like the craziest thing you could do during the holidays. But consider this: the whole reason you are grabbing this study, and likely the Sacred Holidays book, is because you want less chaos and more Jesus during the holidays. Right? We fill our calendars with so many things that don’t bring more Jesus, but instead bring more chaos. Being in a group is something that always brings more Jesus. Choose this over other things. Make space for it and I pinky promise that it will bring more Jesus, and will also less chaos.